05/03/15 – a Dapper Dragon shave



Omega 10066

Dapper Dragon Autumn Morning

Gillette Long Comb New

Gillette Silver Blue blade (2)

Myrsol Formula C

Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar balm

So today I went with the Dapper Dragon Autumn Morning tallow shave soap. I believe this is a limited edition soap scent and it is quite a nice one.
The scent is described as coffee with Brazil nuts, spicy dry leaves, late blooming lily, green notes and sweet citrus. I think that’s fairly spot on and to me for some reason reminds me of cake. It’s not a strong coffee scent and I mainly get the nuts and spices rounded off with some citrus. 

The lather produced though is very good. You get a very thick luxurious lather with good glide and a nice amount of residual slickness. I lathered up the Omega boar brush for 30 seconds and had lather for 3 full passes with some left over.

The Gillette New performed well, it’s one of those razors I can depend on for a great shave and coupled with the GSB blade I got really good results. 

I finished off with a splash of the Myrsol Formula C. I wasn’t too sure about the violet scent at first, but it is quite nice and doesn’t hang around too long. It’s also got a nice menthol cooling sensation as well.

I updated my wordpress blogging app and have had a few formatting issues. I hope this post comes out ok.


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