Review: Plisson L’Occitane Synthetic Shaving Brush

Here’s a review of one of my favourite brushes the Plisson synthetic made for L’Occitane. I believe if the rumours online are true that this brush has been discontinued, so if you’re thinking of getting one get one while you can. 

When I first heard about this brush I wasn’t too sure, I had a Muhle STF v2 and wasn’t sure that synthetic brushes could get better than that. For me I much prefer the Plisson and ended up selling my Muhle as it just wasn’t getting used anymore. 

I find this brush makes lather very easily with a minimal amount of loading and for some reason the lather it produces just seems a little creamier and denser than usual. 

The face feel is much softer than any brush I own yet it still has enough backbone to face lather effectively. Admittedly it doesn’t have that same face feeling as a good boar brush, but when I’m looking for that I’ll reach for my boar brush. What I do like about this brush over the Muhle is the ease in which the fibres splay and the lack of springiness to the fibres. I always felt the muhle was throwing lather around the bathroom rather than my face. Another plus point for the Plisson as well is how well it holds the lather and paints it on the face. I’ve found other synthetics where most of the lather ends up at the base on the handle rather than held in the brush bristles. 

Finally the synthetic fibres means there is no need to soak my brush prior to use, I can just grab it and go with no fear of broken bristles. It also dries very quickly which would make it useful for travel. 

I don’t have a favourite brush but this is certainly one of my favourites and my favourite synthetic to date. I kind of wish I had a spare. 

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