SOTD 03/03/15 – The big Mickey Lee decision

I woke up today and thought I’m going to use one of my Mickey Lee Soapworks soaps tonight. I just couldn’t decide which one to use, The Kraken, Pantie Dropper or La Fee Verte? Well I decided on…

The Kraken!

So today’s shave was:

3P pre shave
Plisson Synthetic brush
MLSW The Kraken
Gillette LC New on Ikon Bulldog handle
Gillette Silver Blue blade (1)
Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar balm


This soap lathers like a dream and contains tallow and aloe vera so leaves the skin nice and soft. The scent is a really nice barbershop type scent with fresh marine notes. The soap is a little different from the norm as it has a blue marble effect as well.

I went with my usual routine of leaving the soap to soak with a little water on top while I showered, then loaded up the Plisson for about 20 seconds. I face lathered as usual adding water along the way and soon had a really thick slick lather.

The Gillette New has got to be one of my favourite razor heads and one I’ll often recommend to people looking for an effective but smooth shaver. I hadn’t used it with the Ikon Bulldog handle until today and they pair together really well. The Gillette Silver Blue is a very nice blade as well, sharp and smooth.

I finished off today with the Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar balm. I didn’t really need it after using the Kraken but it’s from the T&H sample pack and was open so I thought I’d use it up. There’s still at least one use left in the sample. The scent of this is growing on me and it seemed like an apt choice following the sea themed soap.


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