SOTD 01/03/15

L’Occitane Synthetic
Dapper Dragon Ice Wyrm
Merkur 39c slant
Rimei blade (1)
T&H Trafalgar ASB
T&H Trafalgar Cologne

I hadn’t had a shave since Thursday night so I had 3 days growth to get rid of. I thought of a few razors that would do the job, but chose the Merkur slant.

First try of the Dapper Dragon soap sample provided by Mike of ThePathToSmoothness thanks Mike. The scent of the soap is a nice fresh mint scent, which I kept smelling throughout the shave. It’s a soft soap which loads up easily, about 15 seconds loading the brush was enough for a 3 pass shave, with lather to spare.
Face lathering as usual adding water as I went produced a nice thick, creamy lather with a really nice sheen. This soap can take a fair bit of water and I could probably have added more but it looked to be right where I liked it and had a good balance of slickness and cushion.

I loaded up a Rimei blade into the slant and went to it. I was given a few of these blades to try by a member of theshavingroom forum called NotTheStig. He has a really useful double edged blade review spreadsheet which he said I could link to in the blog. I find this particular blade is great for the first shave but isn’t as great on the following shaves. Still they can be picked up quite cheaply, and I tend to use them for one shave and bin them. As I am only using the slant today it seemed like the perfect blade choice.

3 passes later and I was super smooth. I could feel the cooling menthol in this soap after the cold water splash and my skin felt good and not at all dry.

I have the Truefitt and Hill sample pack to get through so thought I would choose a balm at random to finish off today’s shave, and follow up with the matching cologne. A little of the balm goes a long way and the scent is quite pleasant, although I wasn’t blown away by it. It does leave your skin feeling great though.

I think I’m going to have to get some more dapper dragon soap after using this sample. Maybe the signature scented one as I do like a barbershop scent.

Well that’s me done and ready for a new week at work.


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