SOTD 26/02/15

Proraso Travel Boar Brush
Strop Shoppe Alpine Frost
Gillette Aristocrat #16
Gillette Bleue blade (3)
Superdrug Forest Fresh

Mike at ThePathToSmoothness very kindly sent me a few samples to try out and this was one of them. Mike is a great guy and you should check out his blog.

Onto the soap, this stuff smells really good fresh and woody with a nice pine scent.
The name made me think it would be mentholated but I didn’t detect any. The scent is described as Ylang Ylang, cypress, hints of pine and winter spices, which I can agree with.

I used the tiny Proraso brush as the pot I have it in is quite small. It worked out well but I think I’ll transfer this to a larger pot for future use. It loaded well and lathered up quite easily adding water along the way as I face lathered.

The lather is nice and thick and slick and the scent stayed around for the whole shave.

First stroke of the razor on my face and I knew this was going to be a good soap as the blade glided effortlessly over my face taking down the stubble along the way.

3 passes later and all is good with 2 days growth gone. The post shave skin feel of this soap is very good, not at all drying and my skin felt soft to the touch.

I really didn’t need any aftershave but thought I’d finish off on the forest theme with the Superdrug Forest Fresh aftershave which complimented the soap well. I’ve added a bit of menthol to this splash which I like and lovingly refer to now as Frozen Forest. I just went outside and the cool breeze of the night really was amplified by the menthol.


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