SOTD 24/02/15

Omega 49
Seifenglatt Trendy Summer
Gillette Aristocrat #16
Gillette Bleue (2)
Witch Hazel
Myrsol Agua Balsamica

I didn’t have high hopes for this soap from a couple of test lathers I did previously, but I was pleasantly surprised during the shave

The scent of this soap is really nice. It’s the old stock of Seifenglatt soap which is no longer produced. Its scent is listed as English lavender, patchouli and fir needle. It’s a nice bright fresh scent rather than a one note lavender scent.

It’s a clear glycerine soap and looking at the ingredients I’m pretty sure it’s a mama bear soap made for Seifenglatt.

I have had problems in the past getting a stable lather with glycerine soaps so I thought I’d attack it with the monster Omega boar brush which lathers just about anything. I loaded for heavily for about 40 seconds which looking back was far too much. After 3 passes I still had the amount of lather I would usually start off with for a shave.

It’s a very thirsty soap which lathered well even with my hard water. Slickness was good and the scent was strong. I had a slight tingle on my skin towards the end, but think this may have been down to overloading the soap.

A good shave followed with the Gillette Aristocrat and Bleue blade combo. The blade is still very sharp but seems to have smoothed out a bit on this second shave.

Finished off with a quick wipe over with witch hazel and a splash of Myrsol Agua Balsamica which went well with the lavender scent of the soap and leaves the skin feeling very good.

I have a few bits coming out to me in the post this week so I’m hoping they arrive before my next shave.


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