SOTD 22/02/15

New Forest 1901 2 band badger
Caties Bubbles Santal Sensuelle
Gillette Aristocrat #16
Gillette Bleue blade (1)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver

First shave in a long time with no pre shave cream, I’m not sure there was much of a difference to be honest.

The Caties Bubbles Santal Sensuelle performed just like the LPV reviewed here. The scent is lighter than the LPV but has a nice woody scent to it much like true sandalwood.

I loaded up the New Forest 1901 and took it to my face. I worked the soapy paste into my face adding drops of water to the brush as I went along. I soon had that nice thick shiny lather with a good amount of slickness I’ve come to expect from the Caties Bubbles soap. I kept getting the woody scent throughout the shave like a classier Proraso Red, which I like also.

The Gillette Bleue blade was one I hadn’t tried before but was given to me by one of my friends who is into wet shaving as well. We quite often swap bits and pieces with one another and these seem very nice blades on the first go. Loaded into the old Aristocrat #16 I got a very nice close shave. These blade do seem very sharp and quite smooth as well. First stroke of the razor and I could tell how sharp it was as it glided across my face taking down the stubble with ease.

Finished off the shave with the usual hot water splash followed by a cold water splash and reached for the Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver splash. This splash smells great and has just the right level of cooling menthol for me which is quite strong and lasts a fair while. It makes my skin feel good and it’s a very nice clean vetiver scent without too much of the smokiness of some vetiver scents. I definitely will be getting some more of the Fine range although it’s not easy here in the UK. I can still smell it some 2 hours later after applying.

A very nice shave tonight and I’m all set for a new week at work.


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