SOTD 21/02/15

New Forest 1901 2 band badger
Coates Sandalwood Shaving Cream
Gillette Aristocrat #16
Polsilver SI (4)
Proraso Aftershave

First try of the Coates shaving cream I picked up recently. It’s quite a nice cream and makes a change from soaps, which is what I have been using recently.

The scent is quite mild and a true old fashioned sandalwood scent. It lathered up easily and produced a nice lather. Maybe not as slick as I would have liked, but I find creams aren’t as slick as soaps. Post shave was good and not drying at all. For the price you can pick these up they are well worth the money.

This 2 band badger brush from New Forest Brushes is breaking in well after only a few uses. I know there isn’t much of a break in period with badger, but this is really opening up and holding a lot of lather for only a 19mm knot. I don’t believe this model is made anymore and has been replaced by a 20mm knot brush. This is one brush I’ll be keeping.

Onto the razor which I was lucky enough to pick up at a car boot sale a while back with a few other razors. I believe it’s a Gillette Aristocrat #16 which has the heavy flat bottomed baseplate. I really haven’t used it that much, but thought I would today when hunting through my stash of razors. Paired with the Polsilver blade it delivered a smooth shave. Normally I throw a Polsilver after 4 shaves but feel I could probably get at least another from this blade but I’m not sure I’ll push it.

Finished off the shave with the old school Italian classic Proraso splash for a nice menthol kick.

It’s cold outside so I’m sitting in front of the fire after a nice fish and chips dinner, about to get on Connaught Shaving and spend some of my birthday money. Have a good evening everyone.


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