SOTD 17/02/15

L’occitane Synthetic Brush
Knock Out Shave Black
Eclipse Red Ring
Polsilver SI (2)
Arko Action Aftershave
Nivea Cool Kick Moisture Gel

A knockout shave on pancake day!

This soap is a soft soap which is easy to load. 20 seconds loading was more than enough for my 3 pass shave. Took the brush to my face and began lathering adding drops of water to the brush as I went. Each time adding water the lather got thicker and thicker until I got to the consistency I like and there was a ton of lather. The lather has that nice sheen to it when it’s just right. Very thick and slick lather.

The scent is I believe based on Ralph Lauren Polo Black, which I haven’t smelt knowingly so I can comment. It is a nice fresh modern scent which is definitely masculine. The strength is good and I could smell it throughout the shave. My personal preference is for a strong scent so I would like it to be stronger but that’s just me. It is certainly noticeable during the shave, I’d just prefer more.

Overall a very good performing soap up there with the best of them. The tallow definitely produces a thick creamy lather.

I finished off with the Arko aftershave which was about as close as I could get scentwise. A nice modern scent. A bit of Nivea Cool Kick to fight off the cold weather outside, which I can still feel the cooling menthol working two hours later.


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