SOTD 15/02/15

The Big Shave Super Silvertip brush
Maggards Orange Menthol
Eclipse Red Ring
Polsilver SI (1)
Lucky Tiger aftershave

Today I had one small problem, after 3 baths in our house there was no hot water left for my shave. Tepid at best and not the usual nice experience with lots of hot water.

First try of this soap as I was given a sample by a very kind gentleman known as elcubboshaving on twitter and Instagram. Check him out he takes a great photo. I’m still trying to find a good spot in my house to take photos.

The soap loaded well and lathered up easily. The scent is like a glass of fresh orange juice to me and I couldn’t smell the menthol, which I liked. The menthol cooling is just right for me, quite light until the cold water splash when I finish my shave, then it hits you.

The eclipse red ring is quite mild, but I always use it with the knob slightly loosened to increase the aggressiveness a little. It’s a very efficient shaver that gets an outing once in a while. It had no problem removing 3 days growth. It’s quite a sought after razor, which I’m glad to have in the arsenal.

Finished off with some lucky tiger aftershave which continued the orange theme of the shave. It leaves my skin feeling good but the scent is fleeting.

I think this soap would pair well with Myrsol Antesol which I think I will use in my next shave, which will hopefully be with some nice hot water.


3 thoughts on “SOTD 15/02/15

  1. Your welcome. I used Razorock Don Marco with the Orange Menthol aswell to prolong the fresh orange theme.
    Lucky tiger has great soothing properties and a great choice..
    Great Shave Sir

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