SOTD 12/02/15

Semogue Owners Club 2 band
Tabula Rasa – Herbs
Schick Dial
Personna blade (5)
Brut Sports Style AS

A few samples arrived today but I thought I would try the Tabula Rasa Herb shaving cream. This was kindly provided by Ian of The Gentlemans Groom Room Ian didn’t know I had a blog when I expressed an interest in trying Tabula Rasa after he kindly offered them on a shaving forum for members to try.

It’s an unusual cream which is quite hard for a cream, somewhere between a cream and a croap (soft soap). The manufacturer recommends palm lathering to build a lather and I think on first attempt I overshot the water ratio. In my opinion this cream doesn’t need a lot of water to make a nice lather.

The scent is mainly lemongrass with some herbs in the background to give it some depth. I would say this is a strongly scented cream and to me it’s a pleasant scent. I could definitely still smell it strongly when I left the bathroom.

Post shave feel was good, not drying but not overly moisturising either.

I think this is the last shave I’m going to get out of the Personna injector blade so I’ll be retiring this and swapping to a DE razor for the next few shaves.

Finished off with the Brut Sports Style I picked up in Superdrug a while back. It’s a nice fresh scent which paired quite well with the citrusy scent of the cream.


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