SOTD 10/02/15

The Big Shave 2014 Silvertip
Grandstaff Coconut Illipe & Kokum soap
Schick Dial w Personna blade (4)
Myrsol Aqua Balsamica aftershave

Where is Travis Grandstaff?
He is an artisan soap maker who seems to have gone off the radar. I’m told he was working on some new soaps and I’m guessing he is a perfectionist trying to get the new soaps just right.

This soap has a creamy coconut scent which I was lucky to pick up in a lot on a BST over on the shave nook. It really is an amazing soap which can take a lot of water and leaves my skin feeling great with no need for a balm. There is only one small problem with this soap for me in that it causes a very mild tingling sensation mainly if I get lather on my lips. Not enough for me not to use it though. I’ve given away a few samples to others who haven’t had a problem so it must be me. I do have another puck which is a different scent that I will have to try to see if it’s something to do with the fragrance used in this soap.

The Big Shave silvertip is one of my favourite brushes that is really soft but with good backbone. It loads well and is a nice big 24mm TGN knot.

I decided to finish off with the Myrsol Agua Balsamica aftershave which is very soothing with a herbal scent. I can still smell it an hour later.

Overall a very nice shave today and I think the personna blade has at least one more shave left in it.


2 thoughts on “SOTD 10/02/15

  1. Really digging that Schick! Weird about the tingling – a quick google reveals that a few people have had the same thing with kokum butter-based soaps. I’d have guessed a minor allergy, but then it would probably affect all of your skin rather than just your lips.


    1. Thanks I’m liking the Schick too. Interesting about the kokum butter but I get on ok with Mikes soaps which also contain kokum. I don’t think I have any other soaps with illipe butter though.


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