SOTD 08/02/15

Omega Mighty Midget boar and badger mixed
Stirling Barbershop
Schick Dial
Personna blade (3)
Aqua Velva aftershave

Good results tonight, ready for the week ahead. Looking forward to some shaving stuff coming in the post this week.

I really like the scent of Stirling barbershop and the performance of this soap is great. One of the slickest soaps available in my view, it leaves a nice residual slickness for little touch ups without needing relathering. This also provides the best post shave skin feel of any soap I own.

I have a few Stirling samples to work through but the barbershop is my favourite so far followed by the anise.

I’m really liking the Schick and I’m finding the blade which is more rigid than a DE really reduces any razor bumps. I still do get a few but much less than when I was using cartridge razors and even more so with the more rigid SE blades.

What better way to compliment the barbershop scent than a good splash of Aqua Velva, I do prefer a mentholated splash, even in the winter.

Nice and smooth ready for a new week at work.


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