Review: Caties Bubbles LPV


Another good artisan soap from the USA. LPV is the abbreviation wetshavers use for this, the full name is Le Piment de la Vie which means The Spice of Life. You may also see this called the soap of the gods by a few. It’s a French style soap which is quite soft to the touch.

It’s a sweet and spicy scent which is very nice. Chris has said this pairs very well with the British Sterling cologne, which I am yet to try, but if it smells like this then I’m going to have to buy some. It’s quite a strong scent which I prefer in a soap and lasts the whole shave.

Being on the softer side this soap loads easily into the brush. I’ve tried it with a few brushes with good success. This is a very easy to lather soap 20 seconds loading, then straight to the face adding water along the way, produces a nice thick, slick and protective lather. I was listening to Chris Cullen being interviewed for the brushnsoapnblade podcast and he made a good point that by varying the amount of water used when lathering you can customise the characteristics of the lather. I prefer to keep the lather slicker by using less water, if you prefer more volume add more water.

Overall this is a very good artisan soap with very few ingredients. The listed ingredients are:

Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Glycerine, Fragrance.

It’s one I will keep in the arsenal and will look to try more scents. I do have the Santal Sensuelle which I find to be more lightly scented than LPV.

Definitely one to try out and if you’re thinking of giving it a go, don’t hesitate. It’s Chris’ best selling soap for a reason. I bought mine from The Shaving Time Co who are based in the UK so avoided the wait of shipping across the pond and possible customs fees. Of course you can also buy direct from the Caties Bubbles website.


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